The strengthening of NGO networks is an important element of the strategic framework. The purpose of this study is to provide information, raise questions, and begin a conversation within the government and the development community about networks, in the development context. There is a great need to learn more about networks and to test our assumptions and understanding of the contributions that they can make. Sector network is interested in finding out if the office should continue to support the development and ongoing work of networks as a vehicle for building the capacity of individual NGOs. This study consequently focuses on the contribution of networks to building the organizational capacity of their members.

Today, networks are a firmly entrenched facet of virtually every aspect of society and exist just about everywhere in the world. The utility of networks in the international development field has been well acknowledged by many donors, includes support for capacity building in networks as a component of its primary strategic objective to build capacity in civil society organization to fulfill the goals of achieving effective networks possess characteristics of strong social capital, leadership, governance and management, joint learning, and mutually beneficial partnership with donors. Effective networks have a diverse, dynamic membership and structure, and are committed to excellence and democratic decision-making processes.

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