Islamic NGOs in the US look warily at the Trump effect

Muslim faith-based NGOs in the United States remain watchful for a fall-out effect of the rhetoric and policies of President Donald Trump and his administration. Already, some humanitarian and development groups with faith-based leanings and missions say that the fraught political climate has cast a shadow over their work, leading to potential challenges in partnerships, donations and aid transfers.

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Colours They Own

For centuries, widows of Vrindavan knew of only one colour: white. It set them apart. Perpetually mournful, they had to beg and die nameless in a city where their gods were sought to be living. But life is not same each day, nor is it meant to be seen in emptiness of white. So, they chose colours. The Tribune’s photographer S. Chandan visits Vrindavan and shares some of the most beautiful human aspirations

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